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Are you finding yourself stuck, confused, and simply stressed-out while sifting through advice on which cruise to choose?

We’re here to help you plan an extraordinary cruising experience without getting stressed out by all the details involved. While working together we’ll take you through our cruise matching process which will help you choose the right destination, ship, and itinerary to fit your personal style and budget.

We’re especially helpful when it comes to honeymoon cruise planning as well as group cruises for vow renewals and girlfriend getaways.

“Working with Jennifer was simple and very easy. She took care of everything and ensured all deadlines were met and that we got the best deal possible.”
Cruising Client

Why Work with a travel Agent?

Exclusive Benefits

Stress-Free Planning

Cruise planning can be complex and time-consuming. With over 300 cruising options to choose from, our cruise matching process helps save you time and stress while guiding you to the right experience.

Insider Knowledge

We’ve invested time and money into fine-tuning our respective areas of expertise. We take pride in the depth knowledge this has allowed us to gain and the strength of our industry relationships because of it.

Virtuoso Amenities

Preferred hotel rates and room upgrades, breakfast for two daily, early check-in/late-checkout, complimentary Wi-Fi, and exclusive Virtuoso Voyages cruising benefits.

Boutique Style Service

We haven't mastered everything in the travel industry (and we're not trying too). We're cruising specialists and we'll help you plan an extraordinary cruise from start to finish.

Simple Payment Plans

We'll securely handle your payments and help you keep track of important due dates. Make secure payments 24/7 via our mobile-friendly invoicing system.

Mobile-Friendly App

Your travel details are neatly laid-out and organized via our itinerary app (available on Apple and Android devices).

Hey there, I’m Jennifer!

As a cruising specialist, my experience has taught me there’s a unique “cruising personality” for each and every ship, my number one job is to make sure my clients enjoy the one that fits their travel style. It’s not the length or expense of your cruise that will make it incredible, but how the moments of your journey are expertly planned (or left unplanned). So if you’d enjoy exclusive cruising amenities, a thoughtfully designed itinerary, and boutique style service you’re in the right place.

Cruise planning should be fun right?

I’m sure your cruising research started off full of excitement and great expectations. You’ve been thinking about taking a cruise for quite some time and now it’s time to start planning. You knew the web would be filled with a ton of great tips and advice, but instead of leading you to solid answers, you’re left perplexed with even more questions.

Now what? You could just pick a cruise and hope for the best, or you can work with a pro.

That’s where we come in. As the visionary and lead planner behind The Itinerary Artists, by leveraging our cruising expertise and industry connections, we’ll help you plan your cruise without the overwhelming nature, frustration, and time required by offering the winning combination of well-thought-through recommendations and solutions to ensure a fantastic experience.

Meet The Team

Zeola Carey

Zeola Carey

Travel Consultant

After a long career, I now have the opportunity to help others discover not just the greatness of things across the oceans, but locations right here in North America.

Freda Hoyles

Freda Hoyles

Travel Consultant

Cruising is my favorite type of travel and you’ll often find me rallying a group of people together encouraging them to go on their first cruise.

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