Jennifer PugA, President & CEO

The excitement of travel has captivated my heart ever since I was a little girl. It started with the kindness of my parents, bringing gifts of Hawaiian dresses and shell jewelry, handmade rag dolls from the Caribbean, and introducing me to Reggae music! I would always look forward to the next time our family would “go out of town” because I just knew it meant we were going to have a fantastic time.

Many years later, during my last semester of college, I decided to study abroad in Spain without knowing anyone else going or the Spanish language. It was one of the most enriching and fulfilling trips of my life and greatly influenced my desire to travel and explore new places.

After college, I tried out a few different careers...but eventually I was led to travel planning because of my eye for detail and desire to help others have a great time when traveling.

My vision for The Itinerary Artists, is not just to operate as yet another travel booking service, but that our clients view us as their ally in helping them create a consistent and fulfilling travel lifestyle.

Personally, I specialize in custom luxury travel including honeymoons, resorts, private villas, and cruising. Give me a call or text at (734) 531-8270 or submit a trip planning form here.

Freda Hoyles, Travel CONSULTANT

Ever since I was a little girl I've always enjoyed travelling, be it a simple road trip or multi-country European adventure I've  been blessed to enjoy a variety of travel experiences.

Cruising however is my favorite and you'll often find me rallying a group of people together encouraging them to go on their first cruise. 

I enjoy planning cruising vacations for women's groups and married couples. Additionally, after successfully raising six kids as a single mother, I take joy in teaching single moms how to plan a cruise without breaking the bank.

Let's talk further about planning your next cruise, feel free to get started here.



Zeola Carey, Travel CONSULTANT

Luxury is not defined by price, but by experience.

I was 10 years old when my newly widowed Mom and cousin, a sorority Soror, collected and redeemed cereal box tops in exchange for a round-trip train ticket from Detroit to the west coast.  

During that trip I toured Los Angeles, ate fortune cookies from Chinatown in San Francisco and spent a week in the shadow of Mt. St. Helen years before it erupted.  That trip opened the eyes of a young girl to the world and an unashamed travel addict was born.  As a single mother, I introduced my daughter to traveling when she was just a young child and she now tells my son-in-law “traveling is her muse.”  

After a long career, I now have the opportunity to help others discover not just the greatness of things across the oceans, but locations right here in North America.  Let’s connect to make your next girls’ trip, family reunion, or cruise a moment in time to remember. To get started planning complete this form.